Game information

Plushie dungeon is about difficuilt time management, where you must choose between your Bossie and your Plushie. Idea is to make the game complex enough that you will have to know what is your priority before every action. But as time goes far, priorities will change..

Ah, who turned of the light?! Well, me!
Plushie Dungeon is game with the dungeons, obviously. So be prepared for darkness and things that crawling in it. You can put the fire on, but even fire is not going to last forever.

Get control of Plushie, who is trying to find a friend in his lonely existence. Of course, his boss doesn’t make it easy for him, and Plushie has to feed him regularly. During the search, you will find obstacles such as a locked door, which can only be opened with a key found or manufactured. The fire goes out and Plushie has to light it himself. Life is not easy in the dungeon and money you collect can help you lately. But you need to find out on your own!

In the end, you will probably be: hungry, sleepy, scary, thirsty, coldy, angry and so on. Yeah, some of these thing you will also be possesed in the game.